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  Ted Post
Life of a Legend

How does a guy from Brooklyn become honored by the Cowboy Hall of Fame and receive the coveted Golden Boot Award? Concentration and dedication to the courage and challenge to celebrate the strength of the American Spirit were always the tools that Ted Post realized that he could pass on to his actors who portrayed characters of the Old West. Feeling verbs would depict the characters that would make the critics describe Post as a conscientious craftsman producing quality films in brief periods of time....Read More

The Fairbanks Center for Motion Picture Study
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

For many years, I’ve driven past the Margaret Herrick Library in the Fairbanks Center for Motion Picture Studies, on the corner of La Cienega and Olympic. Each time I drive by, I am impressed by its beautiful Mission-style façade. Originally developed as the historic Beverly Hills Waterworks, the building was renovated by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in the summer of 1989 when a 55-year lease was arranged with the City of Beverly Hills. Read More


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